Tellhappystar is a survey for Hardee‘s and Carl’s Jr. Through the verification survey, the team aims to gather useful feedback about the customer’s. You’ll be able to see some frequently answered questions.

Q1. Can the validation code only be redeemed at the Area where you bought the receipt?

Ans. You do not should attend the same location to use the verification code. may be used at any Carl store or Hardee.

Q2. Do Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. offer any incentives to customers who complete customer surveys?

Ans. Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s are running a poll to find out about their loyal customers’ experiences at their restaurants. Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. provide exciting offers for completing the survey, like french fries, a free hash round or mini drinks.

Q3. Can you attent within the survey without making a sale at Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s?

Ans. There are many surveys that you easy to complete by email or over the phone. However, Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s. only operated the online survey portal. To participate within the survey, you might need your receipt informations. Therefore, you’ve got to try and do your shopping at the Carl’s Jr. or Hardee’srestaurant.

Q4. Is Hardee’s a takeout restaurant?

Ans. Yes, Hardee’s provides takeout services for customers.

Q5.can you redeem yourCarl’s Jr award as a cash prize?

Ans. No, you may not be ready to take advantage your award from Carl’s. Instead, to get a reduction or a deal on your next purchase. this might include things like mini hash rounds or free fries.

Q6. what’s the sign for Hardee’s customer service?

Ans. contact Hardee’s customer service at 410-760-3241.

Q7. What happens if someone isn’t eligible to participate within the Tell Happystar feedback survey.

Ans. If you don’t meet the wants for whatever reason, you won’t be ready to participate.

Q8. Where am i able to do a Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s online survey?

Ans. To begin, go to and sign on for the Tell Happy Star Customer Survey.You can also visit Carl’s Jr’s website at You can also visit official website of Hardee’s